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Customer Testimonials

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“Turborep is the software package that provided Metropolitan Equipment Group with a software solution that integrates all of the sales management functions with a complete accounting package to effectively accomplish all of the accounting and management needs of a manufacturer’s representative.

Turborep’s flexibility allowed us to customize the software to fit our multi-office, multi-division business. In addition, we have found Turborep software to be ideal for complete inventory accounting and inventory management. Accurate commission calculation has been reduced from days to minutes. The prospect of implementing a new accounting software system always seems overwhelming if not downright scary.

The people at Turborep provided continuous assistance to make the software transition as smooth as possible. In short, we believe the Turborep software has reduced our expenses, and positioned our company to handle our growth efficiently in the future. We cannot recommend this software more strongly, nor do we know of any comparable product on the market today.”

Lee Pond, Partner, Metropolitan Equipment Group
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“The plan and spec rep has long been ignored, until now! NO separate spreadsheets, NO manipulated special creation programs, NO extended data personnel.

Turborep software has not only integrated all aspects of our business, but combines the bidding, sales and accounting data with accountability of salespeople, profitability on individual or project and timeless commission scheduling.

Turborep allows us to analyze income to effort ratios of both salespeople and our product lines. With Turborep, we can now comfortably continue to grow and manage our business threefold!”

Mark A. Vigarino, President HVAC Associates, Inc. Manufacturers Agent